Shit happens —
Be on top of it.

Sentry gives you insight into the errors that affect your customers.

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Stop logging exceptions the old fashioned way.

Chances are that you have errors in your log files you are not aware of. Sentry surfaces these errors, helps you gauge severity and frequency, and then gives you the information necessary to fix them quickly.

In just a few minutes from now you’ll be able to:


See the impact of deploys in real-time

Watch Sentry as you deploy to make sure new changes don’t have an unexpected impact on your users

Provide next-level support to your users.

Users interrupted by an error tend to move on. Use the information that Sentry logs to bring them back.

Detect and thwart
fraud as it's attempted.

Get notified of unusual amounts of failures on purchases, authentication, and other sensitive areas of your app.

And you'll be in good company.

Q&A: How Facepunch Studios uses Sentry to make Rust.

How Disqus uses Sentry to ship code daily.

See how CCP Games uses Sentry on the Playstation.

Did we mention it works everywhere?

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  • 30 day history
  • 20 events per minute (approx 28,800 per day)
  • 10 team members Google SSO

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  • 90 day history
  • 50 events per minute (approx 72,000 per day)
  • 25 team members Google SSO

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  • 90 day history
  • 200 events per minute (approx 288,000 per day)
  • unlimited team members Google SSO

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