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  • 30 day history
  • 20 events per minute (approx 28,800 per day)
  • 10 team members Google SSO

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  • 90 day history
  • 50 events per minute (approx 72,000 per day)
  • 25 team members Google SSO

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  • 90 day history
  • 200 events per minute (approx 288,000 per day)
  • unlimited team members Google SSO

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Sentry On-Premise

Get all the power of Sentry behind your firewall.

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256-bit SSL Security

Sentry uses secure 256-bit SSL encryption by default and all data is stored securely. For more on privacy, see our privacy policy.

Event bursts

Sentry will only accept a maximum number of events per minute. This 'burst' quota is reset every 60 seconds.

Who sees my events?

You control who can see events. You can set events to be public or private, depending on your needs.