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About Sentry

Sentry provides real-time crash reporting that gives your team insight into errors affecting your customers in production. Each month we process billions of exceptions from the most popular products on the internet.

David Cramer

Right-winging, bitter-clinging proud clinger of red bull, soylent, and python.

Chris Jennings

Lead picture drawer. GitHub and Disqus alum. Knows how babbies are formed.

Matt Robenolt

Straightedge. Scaled Disqus.com. Master of vim and grilled cheese sandwiches.

Armin Ronacher

Creator of Flask, Jinja2, and several other key pieces of your life.

Ben Vinegar

Front-end. Author of Third-party JavaScript and Crossfit: Did I died yet.

Ted Kaemming

"Comedian." Beer lover. Responsible for our Q4 upswing probably.

Eric Feng

Related with developers at Dropbox. Yalie. Takes credit for Ted's Q4 upswing.

Theresa Vermeersch

Administrative god. Aspiring UXer. The Peyton Manning of startup swag.

Nate Berkopec

Master of Rubby. 99% sure he is a real person. 1% certain he is machine.

Jess MacQueen

JavaScript. Lover of other people's pets.

James Cunningham

Infrastructure and operations. Just like a quesarito. Not a ginger, but a daywalker.

Cameron McEfee

Creative, design, and code. Loves to cook. Not a foodie.

Brett Hoerner

Digital Janitor. Refuses to move to San Francisco.

Some history

Sentry was conceived in 2010 when David and Chris joined forces to solve exception aggregating within Django. Since then, they have been joined by an incredible team and hundreds of contributors, and now support all popular languages and platforms.

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Our commitment to open source

Sentry is 100% open source. All features are built in the open and can be followed and contributed to on GitHub.